Youths asked to stop undermining National Hygiene Program

Health Chief Administrative Secretary Dr. Rashid Aman has warned youths robbing Kenyans under the guise of enforcing government directives on Coronavirus.

Speaking Wednesday during a daily briefing on COVID-19 pandemic, Aman said they have received reports that some youths were forcefully demanding money in the neighbourhoods claiming to be cleaning  the area under the National Hygiene Program.

He also said other youths were robbing commuters in the pretext that people were not wearing masks.

He asked them to refrain from such practices, and instead help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

” We are appealing to some of our youth that are undermining the objectives of the National hygiene program by forcefully demanding money from individuals within the neighborhoods they are cleaning to refrain from such practices. Many areas in our neighborhoods have been cleared and blocked drainage systems have been opened. In this rainy season, clear drainage systems will prevent flooding of neighbourhoods. ” Dr. Rashid Aman.

” We want to thank the young people who have enrolled into this program for the work they have done so far to clean our neighborhoods.” He added.

He reminded the young people that they are the ones who should lead in the fight, but only in the right way.

“While the intention is noble, it is being implemented in the wrong way. Should they continue to behave in this manner, we run the risk of lowering the level of compliance, which has the potential to negate all the gains so far made.” He noted.



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