Zip-lining is a fantastic and exhilarating experience

A zip line allows the rider to be pulled by gravity along a cable that is tied on two far ends, mounted on a slope. The main aim of the zip-lining sport is to provide a safe and exciting means of seeing and experiencing natural wonder. The zip-line was actually developed spontaneously by biologists in the 1970s who were trying to observe animal life without disturbing it or making it too obvious. This was in Costa Rica whereby afterwards, the activity was turned into a recreational canopy tour. On occasion, individuals would use zip-lines to traverse dangerous grounds, and to receive and send supplies from one place to another.

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At a place called The Flying Fox in Kiambu, zip-lining is the order of the day. Kiambu is cut across by rivers, it’s rich in indigenous trees and blessed with favourable weather making it one of the top spots in the country to zip-line. It is East-Africa‚Äôs longest zip line tour, with 6 zip lines offering over 2.4km of flight across the lush Kereita Forest.

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For those who like to test their limits and like adrenaline rush adventures, come zip-line here.

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