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Epson to introduce advanced projectors next year

Global technology company, Epson anticipates the introduction of its latest projector technology solutions in the market beginning next year.

The firm plans to introduce its latest immersive projection feature – a giant umbrella that unfolds in a cascade of vivid technicolour in celebration of various global festivals during the Barcelona Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024.

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“Epson will also display the world’s smallest and lightest 4K 20,000 lumens projector in action at ISE 2024. Announced in early 2023, the EB-PQ2220B is packed with Epson’s state-of-the-art, patented technologies and uses the same 4K quality interchangeable range of lenses as the existing EB-PU series,” said Mukesh Bector, Epson Regional Head for East and West Africa.

The new projector is expected to help demonstrate transformative potential of projection in a variety of applications covering arts and entertainment, education, corporate life, retail, leisure and culture.

With its small size and light weight, Epson says the new projector means a reduction in waste from packaging and lower costs for transport, storage, and installation.

The new ultra-lightweight, compact high-lumens projector offers easy installation and set-up, simplified maintenance, and stunning image quality.

“Epson’s latest 4K technology has combined its proprietary 4K Crystal Motion, panel thermo-control and double micro-lens array technologies to achieve optimal clarity,” added Becker.

During the event, Epson also targets to demonstrate how its projectors can transform corporate spaces into immersive environments.

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