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FC Shabah win the inaugural Wajir Governor’s Super Cup

Governor Ahmed Abdullahi said the tournament that started four weeks ago brought together 40 teams across the Wajir town municipality.

FC Shabah emerged champions of the inaugural 2023 Wajir County Governor’s Cup after dispatching Al Ansar FC 5-4 via post-match penalties following a barren draw in regulation time.

Residents braved the intense heat on Saturday to watch the thrilling finale at the renowned Wajir Stadium.

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The tournament was held under theme, “Say No to Drug Abuse, Radicalization, and Nurture Home-Grown Talent,” echoed throughout the event, emphasizing the value of social responsibility and talent.

Ansar FC’s Said Abdi Ahmed was named the tournament’s most valuable player, earning Kshs 30,000; Al-Bakar’s goalkeeper, Abdiaziz Abdullahi Idhow, received the best shot stopper with a Ksh 30,000 cash reward, while FC Shabah’s Yusuf Yunis was named the top goal scorer, with a token of Ksh 30,000.

The champions FC Shabah received a trophy and a Ksh 500,000 reward, First runners-up Al-Ansar FC took home a Kshs300,000 cash award, second runners-up Wagheri FC Youth took home Kshs200,000, and third runners-up Al-Bakar were rewarded KSh50,000.

In addition, Kshs 40,000 each was given to three teams—Young Muslim FC, Al Suni FC, and Madina FC—in recognition of their excellent discipline.

In addition, football kits were given to all 40 competing teams, and ten match officials received Ksh 10,000 apiece.

Speaking after crowning the winners, Governor Ahmed Abdullahi said the tournament that started four weeks ago brought together 40 teams across the Wajir town municipality.

Abdullahi said the tournament serves as a platform to recognize and nurture youth’s sporting potential, encouraging local and international clubs to identify and nurture their talents.

The tournament, he observed, goes beyond the allure of substantial cash prizes and has been a platform for fostering teamwork and camaraderie across the county.

Hence, the county government is committed to investing in sporting activities to develop talent among the youth.

The County Governor aims to promote global football opportunities for young people, prevent drug abuse and early pregnancies, and expose them to emerging opportunities.

“We stand firm against the scourge of drug abuse that plagues our communities, tearing apart families and destroying futures. Let us pledge to support and guide our youth away from the temptations of substance abuse, ensuring they have a bright and promising future ahead,” the governor said.

“Equally important is our commitment to combat radicalization. In a world where extremist ideologies seek to divide us, sports serve as a powerful tool for unity and inclusivity,” the governor added.

He asked the county residents to embrace diversity, understanding that cultural differences enrich rather than divide.

“Through sports, we foster friendships that transcend boundaries, fostering peace and harmony in our society,” the governor continued.

The governor affirmed his administration’s dedication to nurturing home-grown talent.

“Our young athletes are the future champions, representing the aspirations and dreams of our community. It is our responsibility to provide them with the support and resources they need to thrive, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to excel and succeed,” the governor emphasized.

The 1st edition of the Wajir Governor’s Super Cup was held for a span of four weeks bringing together 40 teams spread across the county.

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