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Jeffrey Epstein: Fifth and final batch of documents released


A fifth and final batch of court documents relating to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has been released.

Among the 1,400 pages of records are depositions with Epstein and his former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell.

This last trove shows Epstein refused hundreds of times to answer lawyers’ questions, including about alleged blackmail of famous men.

The documents have been released as part of a lawsuit brought by sex-trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre.

The legal action, filed in 2015, was settled in 2017. Maxwell has since been jailed for 20 years for helping Epstein abuse young girls. She is appealing against her conviction.

The court records contain a transcript of Epstein’s 2016 sworn deposition in which he repeatedly invoked his Fifth Amendment constitutional right against self-incrimination.

Under questioning, a lawyer for Giuffre asked Epstein whether she had been told to provide a “detailed report” about her alleged sexual encounters with powerful men such as Prince Andrew.

The attorney asked whether this was intended to be used as “blackmail material”.

Epstein refused to answer any of the questions, repeatedly responding by saying just the word “fifth” over 500 times.


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