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Miano calls for synergies to achieve Bottom-up agenda


Trade ministry has encouraged on all agencies and corporations under its wing to collaborate in delivering programmes targeted under the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda.

Speaking during the signing of performance contracts with the principal secretaries, Trade, Investment and Industry Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano said building synergies in delivering the agenda will guarantee the country the much needed economic recovery, growth and transformation in investments.

“We should break the silo mentality in the ministry and establish a working One –Ministry Approach in the service delivery of our 10 strategies as informed by governments’ Bottom –Up Transformation Agenda,” she said.

According to Miano the deliverables include; the implementation of  a one –stop investment center, local and export warehouses, implementation of local content policy including management of exports and importation levy, financing of industrial and manufacturing projects, facilitation of domestic and foreign investments.

Principal Secretary for Trade Alfred K’Ombudo added that the manufacturing sector gross domestic product contribution has dropped from 10pc to 7.8pc but they hope to increase this through a number of supportive measures.

“We hope to increase this to 15pc by 2025 through a number of measures like addressing the global competitiveness in the cost of manufacturing ,offering skilled manpower and also work hand in hand with KRA and the treasury in the taxation of raw materials within Kenya and the East African Community,” said K’ombudo.

The ministry also targets to expand development and management of special economic zones, export processing zones, industrial parks and County Aggregation and Industrial parks (CAIPS), enhance market access for Kenyan goods and services, combat counterfeiting, develop an iron and steel industry, automotive, pharmaceutical, building and construction materials and encourage value addition and agro processing in textiles and leather industries.