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Nairobi set for hosting the start of 4th WRC Safari Rally since its return

Nairobi County is preparing to host the highly anticipated World Rally Championship (WRC) Safari Rally, which will begin at the famous Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) and conclude with the exhilarating Super Special Stage in the Kasarani region.

This  will be an excellent opportunity for Nairobi to highlight its numerous attractions while also solidifying its status as a leading tourist and investment destination.

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In addition to showcasing its tourism potential, Nairobi County is focused on promoting itself as a long-term investment destination.
Nyalita highlighted, “We have engaged with investors who have been to other countries but when they come to Kenya they bring their business here. We are happy that we provide an environment that allows them to continue living and working here,” She adds.
Nyalita expressed confidence in the economic opportunities the WRC Safari Rally will bring to Nairobi traders. “The common mwananchi who is doing his business. Whether it is a hustler business or whatever it is, they will also benefit in one way or another,” She explained, adding that the Masaai market can also be a way for traders to invite exporters.

As Nairobi preares to host the WRC Safari Rally, Nyalita is assured that the county is ready to deliver a world-class event.


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