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Six killed, several injured in West Pokot-Turkana border bandit attack

Six people were killed Tuesday morning in a banditry attack at Sarmach area in West Pokot County.

The attack also left 16 people hospitalized with injuries in various hospitals across the county.

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Three were suspected bandits from Turkana County who had raided the village but were killed by locals. The other two  victims were caught up in the fire exchange between the bandits and the multi-agency team undertaking the security operation in the region. One person who was injured died at Kapenguria County referral hospital.

Pokot locals successfully thwarted a bandit raid on Lochacha village, Parkou sub-location, leading to a fierce shootout that left three Pokot male adults injured.

The incident saw armed bandits, suspected to have crossed from Turkana South Sub-County, attempting to raid the community and steal livestock.

Pokot Central Police Commandant Nelson Omwenga confirmed the incident.

Despite the successful defense by Pokot locals, a tragic turn of events occurred after the attack.

Tension still remains high in the area.

Locals alleged that the multi-agency team bombed onlookers who were observing the aftermath of the confrontation with a grenade.

One person is recuperating at Kapenguria County referral hospital while others are at Ortum Mission hospital and Sigor Sub County hospital.

Area leaders led by West Pokot Deputy Governor Robert Komolle and West Pokot County Assembly Deputy speaker Victor Sigwat condemned the alleged actions of the multi agency team, stating, “The multi agency team did an unimaginable thing since independence, bombing innocent people following their stolen goats.”

West Pokot County Police Commandant Peter Kattam said the security team has been deployed in the area to pursue bandits.

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