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Young Kenyan environmentalist chosen to participate in COP28 Summit in Dubai

With the impact of climate change being observed worldwide, Rotary members are spearheading initiatives and participating in global conversations to foster sustainable practices.

Lamech Opiyo of Nairobi, Kenya was chosen as one of 22 young volunteers by Rotary for his dedication to environmental causes to participate in the global environmental dialogue at COP28.

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Lamech has led environmental conservation projects and initiatives in 15 schools including tree planting and growing activities, Environmental Education, and advocacy reaching out to over 20, 000 learners countrywide.

Lamech is also one of the lead coordinators of the Adopt-A-River initiative, a partnership between Rotary D9212 and UNEP. The project’s goal is to restore the Nairobi River in Kenya by carrying out clean-up activities, capacity building, empowering the community members, and planting and growing trees along the riparian areas. He is also the lead of End Warming Now, an initiative to create awareness of climate change effects.

“We urgently need to invest in research and technological development of solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, and other renewable energy technologies to increase efficiency and reduce costs. This can solve the over-reliance in fossil fuels which is a major cause of climate change,” Lamech said.

“Embracing Green economy and Integrating circular economy principles into product design by focusing on durability, reparability, and recyclability to reduce waste and resource consumption. This can help in responding to climate change impacts while improving livelihoods amidst climate change,” he added.

Lamech is an environmentalist both by passion and profession having studied a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and Community Development. Lameck is set to enhance his knowledge of climate action, gaining experience that will empower his future initiatives to create a sustainable impact at home and worldwide.

Rotary’s participation in COP28 underscores its wider dedication to environmental sustainability and serves to highlight the critical role of younger generations in addressing the challenges of climate change.

“Rotary believes in the transformative power of youth to shape the environmental future,” said Rotary International President Gordon McInally.

“These young leaders are not just attending a conference; they are there to ignite change, bring fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to the global platform.” Across the globe, Rotary members have pioneered a multitude of community-driven solutions that address environmental challenges, from Madagascar’s reforestation projects to organic farming practices in Taiwan and the preservation of mangrove forests worldwide.

The Rotary Foundation, Rotary’s charitable arm that helps clubs work together to perform meaningful and impactful service, has committed more than US$23.7 million toward sustainable, community-based environmental projects and scholarships for professionals interested in pursuing careers related to the environment.

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