A film highlighting the plight of mothers suffering from Post-Partum Depression is set to begin streaming exclusively via digital cinema extension – MyMovies.Africa™ on Mashujaa day.

The film will also officially premiere at Anga Cinema, Diamond Plaza 2 in Parklands on the same day.

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“We are intentionally premiering Act of Love on Mashujaa Day”, said Ms Trushna Buddhdev-Patel, CEO of YAKWETU™ – the distributor, “to stand with all the heroes living with, either themselves or via those they support, Post-Partum Depression. The film has tremendous power in effectively communicating this issue, and being a catalyst for conversation – which very often leads to various Life-changing supportive Actions.”

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with the cast & crew, moderated by Mugambi Nthiga, from 7.30 pm.

Act of Love written by Shelly Gitonga revolves around new mother Juliana who questions the love she has for her child after losing out on a promising job opportunity because she could not find a babysitter in time.

Inspired by Gitonga’s own story, aims to “make society acknowledge” PPD.

“Act of Love is a film that makes society acknowledge the ugly side of Motherhood”, says Ms Shelly Gitonga. “Statistics show that Post-Partum Depression (PPD) affects 10-20% of Women globally; but in Africa, the situation is worse, with 10-32% of Women suffering from PPD.”

PPD affects not only the well-being of the mother but of the child and the surrounding communities.

“In Kenya, the prevalence of this maternal mental health challenge is reported as 11-13%, affecting the well-being of mothers, newborns, families and communities”, says Ms Shirleen Wangari, a producer, at Blackwell Films. “The condition can impair a mother’s ability to care for her Child and, in extreme cases, can lead to post-partum Psychosis, Suicide and/or Infanticide.”

Screening manager at DocuBox – Ms Wambui Gathee further said the film transports viewers into a realm of awe.

“Act of Love is an extraordinary film, that effortlessly transports viewers into a realm of awe, through its powerful visuals, profound performances, and gripping narrative. This film will have an impact on different audiences, particularly on parents from diverse backgrounds”, Ms Wambui said.

The film was screened at esteemed international festivals such as the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF), Sauti Zetu Film Festival, Swahili International Film Festival & Awards, Fragments Festival in the United Kingdom and the Hollywood African Cinema Connection (HACC) Film Festival in America.

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