The Jamaa store celebrates designers from across the continent.

Jamaa, a new concept store*, located at Artcaffé Market on Rhapta Road, will be running until the end of the year.

The pieces on sale are curated to spotlight the exceptional craftsmanship of established African designers.

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From clothing to accessories, Jamaa serves as a collective showcase for their exquisite designs, with internationally known Kenyan-based brands such as Kiko Romeo, Adele Dejak, Ami Doshi Shah, Mille Collines and Studio Namnyak alongside other African brands such as Asha Eleven, Crystal Birch and Beach Cult.

Maye Srouji, CEO of Mille Collines said: “We are thrilled to introduce JAMAA to Nairobi’s vibrant fashion scene, our vision is to create a space where African luxury designers can come together, share their talent, and offer customers a diverse selection of high-quality, culturally rich designs.”

The hub is a collaboration between Artcaffé Market and fashion brand Mille Collines.

It initially began as a retrospective to celebrate established Kenyan brands that have been around for a decade.

“Mille Collines has been around for 15 years and we were thinking of creating a concept store that truly encompasses the multiple designers and brands that have been a part of our journey in East Africa,” Said Marc Oliver, Co-founder and Creative Director of Mille Collines.

“When we first arrived in Kenya it was difficult for us to know where to begin, but this family of designers welcomed us with open arms, this is why we named the store Jamaa.”

From elegant garments to statement accessories, every item at Jamaa tells a story of African heritage, craftsmanship, and contemporary style.

“Being at JAMAA has had a great impact on the brand’s marketing and it’s great to see how being a part of the community has positively impacted this young retail brand that doesn’t have a physical outlet” said Namnyak Odupuy, Founder of Studio Namnyak.

Studio Namnyak does not have a physical store.

“It goes to show the power of community and how it can drive brand awareness and growth.

“Jamaa has created a space that stands out and offers a unique experience.

“Having a well-designed space has made our brands remain memorable and increases the likelihood that customers will return in the future.”

And its not just Kenyan brands available to purchase.

Olivia Kennaway, Founder of Asha Eleven says, “As a Cape Town-based brand, showcasing our latest collections at JAMAA in Nairobi has been an inspiring opportunity.

“The curation of brands at JAMAA shows the incredible design talent that the African continent has to offer.

“The JAMAA retail space has been expertly designed and provides us with an ideal platform to introduce our ranges to the thriving Kenyan market.”

By fostering a sense of community and collaboration, Jamaa aims to contribute to the growth and recognition of African fashion on the global stage.

“As a small Kenyan brand focused on an artisanal approach to making, Jamaa has offered an invaluable opportunity to present our work alongside incredible designers and brands representing the breadth and innovation in Kenya and the continent,” Ami Doshi Shah, Founder of Ami Doshi Shah said.

Jamaa is open from 8 am – 7 pm Monday to Sunday.

*A concept fashion store is a creative hub of independent retail. It offers a selection of products and this type of space is often intended to be a place where people meet, connect and find inspiration. Jamaa in this case operates like a pop-up store.
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