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Bore holds talks with World Bank over initiatives to create employment, strengthen social protection

Cabinet Secretary for Labour and Social Protection Florence Bore held a meeting with officials from the World Bank amid the rollout of projects aimed at transforming the labour and social protection landscape.

The meeting, according to Bore, specifically gave focus to the Kenya Social and Economic Inclusion Project (KSEIP) and the National Youth Opportunities Towards Advancement Project (NYOTA) which is succeeding the Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities (KYEOP) project.

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“I was apprised on the progress, achievements, challenges and the future prospect of the 2 projects which are fundamental in the realization of the BETA and Vision 2030,” noted the CS

Bore said KSEIP builds up on the National Safety Net programme to further strengthen the Social Protection delivery systems.

“It aims to go beyond cash transfers to pilot an integrated social protection system that promotes sustainable social and economic inclusion of poor and vulnerable households. NYOTA aims to increase employment, earnings, and promote savings for targeted youth at a national scale,” she said

The Labour CS added: “It also ensures childcare support for beneficiaries who are supporting children. It’s expected to impact 800,000 vulnerable youth.”

She indicated that the two projects have the full support of her Ministry and urged the teams involved to ensure that the implementation and impact is felt by Kenyans.

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