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Bukusu elders call for unity in Trans Nzoia County

Bukusu Culture Chairperson Peter Masinde

Bukusu elders in Trans Nzoia County have urged residents to shun divisive political rhetoric and work together for the betterment of their community.

Speaking to the press in Kitale today, the elders, led by Bukusu Culture Chairperson Peter Masinde, emphasized the importance of inclusivity and peaceful coexistence among all groups in the county. They expressed concern over attempts by certain individuals to sow discord and undermine efforts to promote unity.

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“For many months, some leaders, with evil motives, have been fueling animosity among the communities living in the county,” Masinde remarked. “We strongly condemn such actions and call on all leaders, regardless of their political affiliation, to promote peaceful coexistence and harmonious relationships.”

The elders stressed the importance of addressing any grievances or misunderstandings through local means, avoiding external interventions that could exacerbate tensions. They also cautioned against the politicization of ethnic identities, stating that such divisive tactics hinder progress and development.

Addressing the issue of marginalization, Masinde clarified that the Sabaot community, a significant group in Trans Nzoia, is not being overlooked. He pointed out that the county’s top leadership, including the senator and women representative, hails from the community, and several members hold senior positions in the current administration.

He also reiterated the need for cooperation between the governor and deputy governor, emphasizing that their unity is crucial for the county’s well-being.

Fellow elder Ferdinand Wanyisia echoed the call for unity, attributing the county’s recent progress to the efforts of Governor George Natembeya. He lauded the governor’s commitment to fostering cohesion and upholding the principles of equality and inclusivity.

“Governor Natembeya has always championed the unity of Kenyans,” Wanyisia asserted. “Those who are labeling him otherwise are doing so for their own selfish interests.”

He commended the Trans Nzoia administration’s adherence to the principles of inclusivity, noting that the county has been recognized by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) for its commitment to fair representation in job hiring.

Wanyisia urged those seeking political leadership to wait their turn instead of disrupting the current administration’s work. He also called on the deputy governor to return to her office and contribute to the county’s development.

Echoing these sentiments, Margaret Nafula, expressed confidence in the leadership of Governor Natembeya. She highlighted the numerous development projects initiated under his administration, which have elevated the county’s status and positioned it for further growth.

She urged county leaders to collaborate effectively, emphasizing the importance of putting aside personal agendas and working together for the common good.

“The Governor needs to be given sufficient time to fulfill his promises,” Nafula stated. “Those who are distracting him should stop their divisive tactics. The deputy governor should also return to her role and serve the people of Trans Nzoia.”

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