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Coastal leaders unite to elevate education standards in the region


Leaders from the coastal region have come together with a shared commitment to enhance the education standards, which have faced persistent challenges over the years.

Blue Economy Cabinet Secretaries Salim Mvurya and his counterpart Aisha Jumwa along with Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung’aro, expressed their dedication to addressing the educational shortcomings in the region.

During the official opening of Town Secondary School in Malindi, which underwent a modern upgrade and received state-of-the-art sports infrastructure, Chief Guest Salim Mvurya highlighted the government’s commitment to education.

He announced a substantial allocation of Ksh600 billion for education in the current financial year, with the coastal region poised to significantly benefit.

Mvurya specifically mentioned plans for the recruitment of additional teachers in Kilifi starting January next year to tackle education challenges in the county.

In addition, CS Mvurya announced a forthcoming convention that will bring together stakeholders from various sectors, including security, civil rights groups, regional leadership, and the national government led by Deputy President Righathi Gachagua.

The purpose of the convention is to find a lasting solution to the pervasive issues of drug trafficking and abuse in the region.

Mvurya acknowledged the prevalent problems in Coast, such as school dropouts and incomplete studies, commending the Kilifi County administration for substantial investments in education to raise standards.

Blue Economy CS Salim Mvurya.

He praised Governor Mung’aro for prioritizing education along with Gender and Heritage Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa, recognizing her efforts in school infrastructure development during her tenure as Malindi MP.

Farid Sheikh, the Board Chairman of Town Secondary School, explained that the decision to revive the institution stemmed from the pressing challenges facing Malindi, including drug abuse, radicalization, low literacy levels, and poverty.

Sheikh emphasized the board’s proactive role in addressing these challenges, implementing a Competence-based Curriculum, and investing in sports facilities such as football grounds, a basketball pitch, beach volleyball, and a rugby field.