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Committee formed to deliberate Senate’s Ksh 415B proposal to Counties

Teso South MP Mary Emase who is also the Vice Chair Budget and Appropriation Committee in the National Assembly together with Khwisero MP Christopher Aseka addressing the media after a public Participation forum on the 2024/2025 budget estimates.

A Committee has been formed by the government to mediate between Senators and Members of the National Assembly on the proposed allocation of Ksh 415 billion to counties.

The Senate had proposed an increase of allocation to the County Government to Ksh 415 billion, which the National Assembly rejected.

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In the 2024/2025 budget estimates, County governments have been allocated Ksh 391.1 billion equitable share from the shareable revenue raised nationally an increase by Ksh 5.7 billion they were allocated during the 2023/2024 financial year.

According to the Teso South Member of Parliament Mary Emase, the mediation committee will determine how the two houses of parliament would reach consensus on the allocation.

Emase, who is the National Assembly Budget and Appropriation Committee Vice Chair acknowledged that county governments need more money, noting that the increment of allocation will be done gradually in alignment with the state of the country’s economy.

Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa expressed his disappointment with the National Assembly for shooting down the proposal by Senators.

Emase was speaking during a public participation for the 2024/2025 budget estimates in Kakamega county where the government has projected to spend Ksh 3.9 trillion.

The MP said the Parliamentary Budget and Appropriation Committee will review the budget estimates and look at the key priority areas and the needs of the sectors to determine whether the proposals by the National Treasury are sufficient or insufficient or there was need to look for more funds to enhance certain areas based on priority.

“A good example is the Ministry of Health, which requires more funding. We have also witnessed a lot of floods in the country, which will be followed with so many ailments and the Ministry must be capacitated to mitigate all the challenges that are coming-the aftermath of the floods.”

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