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DP Gachagua urges politicians to focus on service delivery, stop propaganda

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has asked political leaders to concentrate on service delivery and desist from spreading propaganda and idle talk.

The Deputy President also called on politicians from Kiambu County, to tone down on high-octane politics and leadership wrangles and focus on working for their people.

Speaking at ACK St.Mark’s New Kamiti Parish, in Kiambu Town constituency on Sunday,  Gachagua said leaders should focus on social and economic development issues of their areas and the Nation instead of engaging in endless politicking.

“The President and I are focused on the job. The other leaders should focus on their job and service delivery too. The country needs us and citizens have great expectations. Let all leaders focus on service delivery, that is what Kenyans expect from us,” he said.

“Some of us have no time for petty politics, we are busy people with a lot of work to do. We have no time to listen to nonsense, theatrics and drama. We want to focus on the job that we were given by Kenyans,” he added.

Gachagua spoke amid heightened political talk and activities across the political divide over the 2027 elections and declaration of political ambitions.

On Kiambu politics, the Deputy President asked leaders to unite and work together adding that he will soon convene a meeting to address their differences.

“It pains me a lot to see leaders tearing each other apart. I appeal to the leaders to work together for the development of the county. Kiambu is important to President Ruto and I, it gave us a lot of votes in 2022. I will convene a meeting to find a lasting solution on any squabbles. Please tone down on the high-octane politics,” he stated.

The Deputy President spoke after a section of the county leaders engaged in an exchange of words at the event over the leadership of the devolved unit and gubernatorial aspirations.

He, however, told the worshipers that the county will not be left behind in the national government’s development agenda as he disclosed that he and the President will soon tour the region to launch infrastructure projects such as ultra-modern markets.

“The President likes Kiambu and it won’t be abandoned in the national socio-economic development plan,” he stated.

On the flooding situation in the country, the Deputy President reiterated his call on Kenyans to stop daring nature by crossing swollen rivers and living near spilling dams.

He announced he will convene the Intergovernmental Budget and Economic Council (IBEC) on Monday, where issues related to the flooding situation and multi-agency response will take centre-stage.

He appealed to all the Governors to attend the forum at his official residence in Karen, Nairobi at 9am.

Counties most affected by the flooding caused by the enhanced rains will be prioritised in the support.

He said the enhanced rains resulted from climate change and that Kenyans should plant more trees to address the situation.

“We have a problem with climate change. It is no longer a topic but is real and is here with us. We have just recovered from the worst drought in 40 years and five failed rain seasons. We lost 2.5 million cattle heads during the drought and used millions of shillings in mitigation,” he said.

Stating that the Government has responsibility to protect communities and preserve lives, Gachagua said persons living in landslide prone areas and near spilling dams will be evicted.

On the nationwide crackdown on illicit brews and drug abuse, the Deputy President directed national government administration officers to implement the alcohol control regulations and ensure no bars are operating near schools or in residential areas.

“Soon I will start making surprise visits. I will take a personal responsibility in ensuring that the illicit brews are eradicated. Everybody must do his/her job and respect each other. We are fighting this menace now and in the future. We will deal with this matter until it is rested. I am happy the President endorsed the crackdown,” he said.

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