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EACC arrests Kiambu Deputy OCS over bribery allegations

Three suspects were arrested and taken to Mwea Police Station for grilling.
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Officers from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) this week arrested two police officials over bribery allegations.

According to EACC, the two; Kiambu Deputy OCS George Chacha and Police Constable (PC) Elizabeth Mwongeli Muthoka were apprehended for demanding a sum of Ksh 50,000 from a complainant as a “motivation fee” to release a complainant’s motor vehicle which he had adamantly refused to release despite a valid court order presented to him by the complainant.

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“The two were apprehended on Monday after receiving the demanded amount from the complainant at Ikino Police Station,” said EACC in a statement.

They were processed at EACC Integrity Centre Police Station and later Kilimani Police Station pending further enforcement actions.

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