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Government Spokesman condemns article published by BBC

Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura.

Government Spokesman Isaac Mwaura has condemned the alleged misleading information carried out in an article published by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on the state of the country’s economy saying the story was untrue with serious misrepresentation of facts.

Through a statement, Mwaura urged the media to remain factual and non-partisan even as they discharge their mandate.

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The Government Spokesman in addition noted that the Government of Kenya upholds the freedom of the press and the role of the media in shaping public opinion and the days which the international media would thrive on casting a negative light and stories of doom from Africa through yellow journalism are long gone.

Mwaura further clarified the article as follows:

  1. President Ruto remains the most popular leader in Kenya, with Kenya Kwanza Coalition as the most preferred political formation by Kenyans, according to recent independent research.
  2. President Ruto is the most committed leader that Kenya has ever had in implementing ‘THE PLAN’, a manifesto that is aimed at transforming Kenya. He has kept his promise of creating job opportunities for Kenyans. It’s thus untrue that there is a net job loss. In fact, over 270,000 Kenyans especially the youth, have been engaged by the government with over 56,000 employed as teachers, 100,000 Community Health Promoters (CHPs), and 120,000 jobs created through the affordable housing program, in 33 sites alone. The president has also negotiated for over 350,000 jobs for Kenyans to work abroad.
  3. There are no new charges for acquiring birth & death certificates, passports and National Identity cards. The fees remain unchanged.
  4. Kenya remains one of the top tourist destinations in Africa, with the British King Charles choosing our country as his first to visit upon his ascension to the throne. Further, over 1.48 million international visitors have come to our country this year alone. Our new VISA free entry policy that will begin in January 2024, will attract over2.5 million visitors in the short term and 4.5 million tourists by 2026/2027, doubling our tourism revenue by 200%.
  5. Kenya remains keen on clean and sustainable energy. The cost of LPG gas has gone down considerably, and the cost of maize flour, milk and other basic commodities has come down.
  6. Kenya’s inflation remains low at 6.8% compared to other countries, with the World Bank ranking the country as the 29th fastest growing economy in the world.
  7. On taxation, we remain lower at 36% compared to other countries such as the UK, whose taxation is over 45%. Kenyans want to be self-reliant rather than depending on borrowing and this can only be achieved through financing our own budget.
  8. The government has made huge budget cuts of more than 10% for the year 2023/24, with foreign travel being the most affected.
  9. The President remains committed in lowering the cost of living through a deliberate and intentional strategy of subsidizing production over consumption. According to a world bank report released Tuesday, Kenya is among the few countries least hit by food inflation.
  10. President Ruto has emerged as a critical voice and champion in Africa and the world in matters Climate Change, intra-African trade, reform of the international financial architecture, providing of security to Haiti etc., and has been recognized for that.



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