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Government to increase health sector funds


The government has committed to progressively increase funding to the health sector, amid calls for prudent utilization of funds for improved health outcomes.

Led by the Council of Governors, stakeholders in the health sector called for increased funding to the health sector as one of the catalysts to the attainment of Universal Health Coverage.

On its part, the government committed to increase domestic investment in health sector through tax revenues, social health insurance revenues, strengthening private investment and exploring earmarked taxes for health.

This as well as progressively increase the total government expenditure on health as a proportion of GDP to 5pc, allocation of the national budget of health to 15pc, and a progressive increase of county budgets to health to at least 35pc by 2030.

The government will also engage the private sector to strengthen public health systems and expand access to health services.

The state notes that it will create an enabling environment for increased private sector investment in the health sector.

Similarly, government will enhance national health financing systems by having options to reduce fragmentation, strengthen procurement and purchasing, improve prevention, cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Additionally, the state will increase the coherence of investment in health by better aligning development partner and private sector efforts to the priorities of the continent.

The three day national high level dialogue on domestic resource mobilization for sustainable health financing towards UHC Came culminated with calls for improved health financing.

On her part, Dr. Elizabeth Wangia, Director of Health Financing highlighted the unwavering commitment of the government towards achieving universal health coverage (UHC).

She emphasised that the government recognizes the pivotal role of health financing in making this vision a reality, as evidenced by its inclusion in key national documents such as Vision 2030, the Health Policy, the Health Sector Strategic Plan, and the Medium-Term Plan.

She emphasized the government’s recognition of the need to sustain progress towards sustainable and effective domestic financing in Kenya.

“The government is acutely aware of the importance of investing in healthcare and acknowledges its responsibility to contribute to the Alma-Ata commitment.” Said Dr. Wangia.

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