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Kenya and UAE sign ICT investment cooperation MoU

Ministry of Information, Communications and the Digital Economy, led by Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo

ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo and H.E. Mohamed Hassan Alsuwaidi, Minister of Investment of the United Arab Emirates, officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Abu Dhabi.

The MOU signed Thursday marks a significant milestone, outlining a comprehensive framework for investment co-operation in digitalization and technology between the two nations.

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Under the MOU, both parties commit to fostering closer ties, while exploring ICT investment partnerships and advancing digital infrastructure projects. Kenya’s digital economy has witnessed rapid expansion, propelled by a robust ICT sector.

During the signing ceremony, CS Owalo stated, “This partnership between our nations is a game-changer, paving the way for significant ICT investment in Kenya’s data centre infrastructure. It will create new job opportunities and empower Kenyan citizens with the latest digital tools.”

The signing of the MOU lays the foundation for the development of state-of-the-art data centres, with the potential to significantly enhance Kenya’s digital infrastructure capacity and resilience.

These data centres, capable of serving millions of users, are fundamental to shaping Kenya’s digital future. However, the co-operation extends to the field of Artificial Intelligence and large Language Models.

This MOU is in line with the Government’s Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA), which has prioritized the Digital Superhighway and Creative Economy, with a specific focus on equipping the youth with digital skills for digitally-enabled jobs and digital entrepreneurship.

His Excellency Mohamed Hassan Alsuwaidi, Minister of Investment of the UAE, emphasized the remarkable opportunities presented by closer co-operation between the two nations.

He stated, “A closer partnership between our two nations harbours remarkable opportunities in numerous fields that can contribute to the continued strengthening and advancement of our economies. Through targeted investments in digital infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence, this Investment Memorandum is set to accelerate the development of a sector that has the potential to become a growth driver for other industries, setting out a vision for the future defined by prosperity and progress.”

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