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Narok UDA grassroots elections delayed due to heavy rainfall

Narok Governor Patrick Ntutu voting at Kutete polling station.

Heavy Rains that are being experienced countrywide have delayed the commencement of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) grassroots elections in Narok County.

The Governor of Narok County Patrick Ntutu who voted at Kutete polling station said that heavy rains delayed the commencement of the elections, even though many members have come out to vote.

“I admit that there was a challenge in the morning, as many voting gadgets had not reach the polling station,” added Ntutu

The Governor said the voting exercise is going on peacefully across the polling station and that the voting gadget has reached and the party members are electing their representative.

He said that there was a total of 585 polling stations across the county noting that the exercise was going on smoothly with 90 percent of the stations having received the voting gadgets.

The Governor further said that grassroots election in polling stations will lead to 20 member delegates being voted in to represent the party. The 20 delegates will constitute ward congress of which they will participate in the constituency elections, the process going forward to the chairmanship position.

However, Ntutu applauded the party election management team for making sure the voting materials reach their intended polling stations by the use of the Helicopter in good time.

Further, he said that the grassroots election will make the party active because members usually forgot the party just after the general election.

“These grassroots elections will not only make our members active, but to choose their representatives,” said Ntutu.

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