The documentary examines the concept of Universal Basic Income.

Free Money, a documentary filmed in Kogutu village in Western Kenya, by Lauren DeFilippo (Red Heaven) and Sam Soko (Softie) is set to premiere on international streamer Netflix on September 1st.

This groundbreaking documentary, the first of three parts, captivated audiences during its world premiere in 2022 at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and again in June this year at the Sydney Film Festival.

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Filmed over half a decade, Free Money delves deep into the largest and longest-running universal basic income experiment in the country by NGO GiveDirectly. Told through the eyes of the village’s inhabitants, the film skillfully explores the complexities, challenges and effects of white-saviour syndrome. 

L-R- Lauren DeFilippo, Larry Madowo, Caroline Teti and Sam Soko at TIFF premiere 2022

Renowned journalist, Larry Madowo, serves as the documentary’s skeptical observer, questioning the long-term consequences of such an initiative. 

While filmmakers DeFilippo and Soko refer to the NGO’s initiative as an experiment, Michael Faye, the NGO’s founder, who makes an appearance in the film, thinks of it differently. 

The documentary will also premiere concurrently at the Unseen Theatre in Nairobi on September 1st.

The documentary is a collaboration between LBx Africa and New York’s Insignia Films.


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