Where The River Divides, made its cinema debut in the US at the 2nd Sunday Cinema.

2nd Sunday Cinema is a monthly event showcasing top award-winning films from local filmmakers in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

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The film is a gripping 1979 True Story about the son – Dennis (Gadwill Odhiambo), of a clan elder – Okoth (Benjamin Onyango), returning home to his village in Thimlich Ohinga, Migori county in Kenya, following his baptism.  

Dennis must choose whether to Inherit his father’s legacy or fulfil his newfound purpose at the risk of his life.

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The short film’s director and editor – M.D. Neely from Missouri, was in attendance for the Screening. 

“For me, Where The River Divides is ultimately about Sacrifice”, he says.  

“What am I willing to sacrifice to follow the call that God has placed on my life?  

“Dennis’ story has challenged and inspired me.  Also, I am so humbled and proud to work with such an incredibly talented and passionate group of artists from Kenya and America, to tell this story.”

In addition to securing 14 Nominations from the Kalasha awards, three members of the film’s crew were nominated for the Women in Film Awards on International Women’s Day. 

The nominees are  Lola Kanazi (Best Production Manager), Eddah Wakesho (Best Costume Designer) and Matrid Nyagah (Best Producer).

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