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Kiambu Senator says judicial officers must undergo periodic assessment

Kiambu Senator Karungo wa Thang’wa says judges ought to be subjected to scrutiny at various times to check their suitability to hold office.

Just like political leaders who routinely seek fresh mandates from the electorate, the Senator argues that judges and magistrates should be evaluated and those who cannot pass the test of accountability dropped from administering the law.

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“Judges should undergo periodic assessments, similar to the evaluation of politicians every five years or through impeachment proceedings,” he said

“Additionally, it is essential to add or restructure the JSC membership to ensure accountability,” said the Senator

Amid raging debate over accusations that some judicial officers are sabotaging government programmes, the Kiambu County legislator says he is also pushing for the amendment of laws to pave the way for government policies to be handled separately in court.

“I have written to the Senate outlining my intentions to amend both the High Court and the JSC Acts. The objective is to establish a Policies Court within the High Court, dedicated to handling litigations challenging government policies, akin to the existing Employment and Environmental Courts in the High Court,” he said

He says the said Court will be subject to a timeline, possibly 30 days, within which the cases should be concluded.

“I’m trying to cure judicial overreach! By having special and expert judges on matters of government programs, policies, and legislation,” he stated

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