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Kenya Pipeline, Kenya Red Cross partner to enhance safety awareness

Kenya Red Cross Society First Aid Instructor Philip Ochieng'
Kenya Red Cross Society First Aid Instructor Philip Ochieng'

Residents in Nairobi are being empowered with essential knowledge and skills to effectively prevent and respond to safety incidents in residential areas, thanks to a collaborative effort between the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) and the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS).

This initiative aims to strengthen fire safety and first aid community awareness, promoting a culture of safety within communities.

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Carol Kiplagat, KPC’s Safety, Health, and Environment Manager, underscored the significance of instilling a safety culture, emphasizing the company’s commitment to raising awareness about emerging occupational safety and health risks.

“Through this partnership with the Kenya Red Cross, we aim to initiate conversations that drive meaningful changes in how we approach workplace and community safety,” she stated.

This initiative coincides with the upcoming World Day for Safety and Health at Work, highlighting the importance of safety in both work and residential environments.

Since its inception in 2017, the annual event has facilitated significant progress in implementing robust controls and training to prioritize safety within the workforce.

This year’s theme, focusing on the intersection between climate change and workers’ safety, is particularly pivotal.

Kiplagat emphasized the need to address safety risks exacerbated by climate change through proactive measures and appropriate controls.

Philip Ochieng’, a First Aid Instructor at KRCS, commended the partnership, affirming their dedication to safety by equipping domestic workers with essential life-saving skills.

“Given the escalating frequency and intensity of disasters resulting from climate change, it’s crucial for humanitarian agencies like the Red Cross to forge strategic partnerships to scale training and awareness campaigns, enhancing preparedness nationwide,” Ochieng’ remarked.

The event, scheduled for April 28th, will primarily focus on climate change and its impacts on occupational safety and health.

Through collaborative efforts and targeted initiatives, the partnership between KPC and KRCS seeks to create safer and more resilient communities in Nairobi and beyond.

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