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Kwale launches tree planting campaign to mitigate climate change


Kwale Governor Fatuma Achani has initiated a tree planting campaign aimed at enhancing human and environmental health across the coastal county as part of climate change mitigation efforts.

Launching the campaign at the Kwale main GK Prison, Achani announced that the devolved government aims to plant 29 million trees by 2032 throughout Kwale.

Accompanied by Lady Justice Addraya Dena of the Kwale Environment and Land Court, as well as Kwale County Commissioner Stephen Orinde, Achani revealed that her administration has successfully planted over 600,000 trees in the past eighteen months.

The Governor and the environment and land court judge led county and judicial officials in planting 1,300 trees as a measure to address environmental issues.

“This initiative aligns with President William Ruto’s directive to plant 15 billion trees by 2030 to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change,” she stated.

Achani emphasized that the tree planting program would involve a variety of tree species, including indigenous and exotic varieties suitable for Kwale’s ecological zone.

She highlighted the role of trees in reducing carbon emissions, mitigating flooding and droughts, supporting wildlife, and combating climate change.

Governor Achani stressed that the initiative would not only restore the lost value of nature in Kwale but also address environmental mismanagement, creating a positive impact for future generations.

“I urge the people of Kwale to take advantage of the current rainy season and plant more trees. I pledge my full commitment to this noble cause,” said Achani, emphasizing that the initiative aims for a cleaner, greener environment for all.

Achani, underscoring the importance of environmental conservation initiatives, stated that the devolved government would intensify efforts to promote the national tree-planting initiative.

Justice Dena utilized the occasion to educate the public on court procedures and processes, emphasizing that the focus of the tree-planting exercise was to promote dialogue on land and environmental justice.

She further urged residents to report cases involving land disputes and environmental destruction to protect the trees planted by the county government emphasizing the need to raise awareness about the dangers of deforestation.

Commissioner Orinde on his part highlighted the critical role of trees in mitigating climate change impacts and urged residents to refrain from indiscriminate tree-cutting for charcoal production.

He warned against the loss of tree cover, which could lead to environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity.

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