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Narok JSS teachers demand permanent employment, pledge class boycott


Junior Secondary School (JSS) teachers in Narok County have vowed to boycott classes next Monday when schools reopen if the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) fails to comply with a court order to grant them permanent and pensionable employment.

Led by Charles Ngeno, Secretary of the Narok branch of the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET), they urged the TSC to withdraw its appeal against the JSS teachers.

“To the TSC, we urge you to absorb the JSS interns into permanent and pensionable positions as ordered by the Labour Relations Court,” said Ngeno.

Ngeno emphasized that KUPPET is acting as a mediator between the teachers and the TSC, expressing solidarity with the JSS teachers who are demonstrating.

Seela Kuluo, Treasurer of KUPPET’s Narok branch, expressed the dissatisfaction of JSS teachers, citing demotivation due to insufficient remuneration.

“A hungry teacher is an angry teacher, which affects their motivation to teach,” said Kuluo.

Kuluo highlighted the need for medical cover for JSS teachers, noting instances where teachers lack medical coverage despite needing hospitalization, urging the employer to address this issue.

Furthermore, Kuluo stated that they have submitted a petition to the Narok TSC director in anticipation of prompt action from the relevant authorities.

Vincent Oyungi, one of the JSS teachers, emphasized that teachers are prepared to boycott classes if their concerns remain unaddressed.

“Teachers face numerous challenges, and a salary of Ksh 17,000 is insufficient for our livelihoods,” Oyungi added.

The JSS teachers conducted a peaceful demonstration at the TSC offices in Narok town, where they presented their petition to the TSC director.

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