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LSK raises alarm over quarks working with AG’s office

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has raised it’s concerns over bogus lawyers working in cahoots with some officers in the Attorney General’s Office to fleece members of the public.

The Society President Eric Theuri now wants the AG to act swiftly and close in those involved in the scandal after a raid at the premises of a quack advocate in Nairobi where victims revealed they were referred to him by officers from the State Law Office.

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This was after law enforcement officers accompanied by LSK officials raided a cyber cafe at Embassy House, located opposite the AG’s Sheria House headquarters where a large number of legal files and official stamps were recovered purportedly legalizing various transactions including divorce proceedings.

Theuri, accompanied by Nairobi regional LSK representatives and member of the Rapid Action Team (RAT) Steve Mbugua, Teresia Wavinya and Gloria Kimani told the AG to weed out rouge officers who are giving his office a bad name.

At the same time, the LSK President said the lawyers’ body is opposed to the introduction of legal services through Huduma centers which he said was likely to create a haven for masqueraders and conmen.

Mbugua said the raid at Embassy House exposed hundreds of fake legal transactions including divorce matters, affidavits and property transfers conducted through the suspect.

He cautioned members of the public to guard against falling prey to imposters as they stand to lose dearly.


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