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Ruiru ICT hub paves way for youth empowerment in Kiambu County


Approximately 4,000 youths from Ruiru, Kiambu County, are poised to benefit from an online job initiative funded by the government through the Jitume Digital Empowerment Program.

The program, spearheaded by area MP Simon King’ara, was launched at the Ruiru ICT Hub, where 200 computers have been installed. It aims to replicate this setup across all eight wards of the constituency.

Acknowledging the challenges of securing formal employment, the lawmaker urged young people from the area to embrace the idea and enroll in the free Jitume training program.

Those undergoing the training welcomed the initiative, citing its potential to open new avenues for utilizing the internet productively.

They also urged the government to bolster connectivity in both urban and rural areas.

Stephen Njiraini highlighted the persisting issue of weak internet connections in many areas and called for widespread availability of WiFi.

Elizabeth Wambui shared her intention to transition from using the internet solely for entertainment to leveraging it for business purposes after completing the training.

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