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Maina Muturi elected new Motorsports Federation Boss


Long serving motorsports administrator Maina Muturi, has been  elected as the chairman of the Kenya Motor Sports Federation (KMSF) during the federation’s meeting  held at Kasarani Stadium,Nairobi.

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Muturi took over as the substantive chairman from Phineas Kimathi whose term ended in November 2 last year  but continued in office to ensure a successful hosting of the WRC Safari Rally 2023.

Kimathi will continue serving as the CEO of the WRC Safari Rally which is a round of the Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) and member of the FIA World Rally Championship Committee as well as a KMSF director representing Rallye Sports Club.

Muturi, the chairman. of the East Africa Motorsports Club,  previously  served as KMSF chairman in 2007/08 before Dave Macharia assumed the stewardship of the federation.

“There is a lot of work to be done especially on the KNRC where we need to increase the number of participants,” said Muturi. “We will sit down as a federation and map on new strategies.”

The KMSF directors also elected new chairpersons of various motorsports commissions to enhance division of labour, Raju Chaggar was elected as Chairman of the Motorsports Council.

Others in various commissions are: Rally Commission: Falgun Bhojak; Hill Climb: Gurvi Bhabra, Autocross: Keith Henry; Medical: Dr. David Karuri; Safety: Norris Ongalo; 4.x4: Olivier Lauvaux:  Tana Williams: Rally Raid. Historical Cars: Peter Wanday.




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