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MMTC holds 10-Km health walk, free medical camp ahead of World Health Day 

Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) on Saturday held its inaugural 10 KM Health Walk and a free medical camp to promote healthy living and support universal healthcare.

The annual 10 KM MMTC health walk started at Hamptons hospital through the Plaza district, and continued through the Golf district, then airport district, and Grid district.

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The walk farther snaked through MMTC’s power plant road of Industrial District and terminated at the hospital at the free medical camp.

“The community joined and cheered along the way with thousands of participants and spectators walking along the 10 km route.

“The event came a day before the World Health Day and saw more than a dozen corporate and NGO sponsors and volunteers participate,” MMTC said in a statement.

Hamptons hospital sponsored the free Medical Camp together with other partners including Maseno University Medical School students under the Patient-Centered Care Movement (PCCM), Signature Healthcare Limited and Chebu Pharmacy provided free drugs for the medical camp.

Kenya Breastfeeding Association and Worldwide Orthopedic Care also provided free services to the medical camp.

Dr. Maurice Simiyu said health walk is essential in preventing various live style diseases.

“We are now focusing on preventing health services. If people can borrow a leaf on what we are doing here, then we can all live a healthy life. Preventive medicine is very good,” Dr. Simiyu said.

MMTC founder and business tycoon Julius Mwale said, “most people think that to be healthy, you only have to be going to the gym and running, but most health benefits can be achieved through walking 30 minutes to an hour everyday , and we want to let our people know that walking daily will lower your risk of poor health,” .

The health walk was supported by big corporate sponsors led by ABSA Bank, INUA AI the corporate outsourcing company, Family Bank, Silver Africa Tours and Safaris, Mwal-Mart Supermarkets, BitMedia, Ports Sacco, Hamptons Café and WaziPay.

The sponsorship proceeds went to support low income households to pay for NHIF monthly healthcare premiums guaranteeing access to universal health care.

The MMTC health walk is the first of the three annual events held at MMTC to support access to universal healthcare.

Others are the Cross-Country Race in June and Marathon in December.

“Greatful to have been part of this walk as a student. Indeed the future is bright with MMTC,” Brian Odhiambo, a Maseno University student, said.

The walk was also lauded as a life-enhancing experience.

Charles Soti said: “Very inspirational and healthy lifestyle-enhancing endeavor. Congratulations MMTC team!”

In December 2023, more than 50 medals were won in five different race categories at the inaugural MMTC marathon which attracted thousands of athletes and spectators from Kenya and globally.

The marathon that was held at the MMTC in Butere Sub-County, Kakamega County.

“More than 50 medals and cash prizes were awarded in five race categories that were held during the event.

“The event attracted global elite athletes in the categories of 42 km, 21 km, 10km, 5km and 1600 meters,” MMTC said in a press statement.

Hamptons Hospital at MMTC opened in 2019 and treats Kenyans and medical tourists.

Kakamega County residents with NHIF are treated without paying the extra co-payment charges.

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