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MPs pass Affordable Housing Bill

The Bill seeks to legalise collection of housing levy.

A joint sitting of National Assembly and Senate listen to President Uhuru Kenyatta delivering his State of the Nation Address at parliament buildings on November 30, 2021.. Photo | Jeff Angote | Nation

After a fiery debate in the national assembly Wednesday evening, majority members of parliament voted to approve the affordable housing bill of 2023.

The bill that seeks to create legal foundation and structure for the collection of the housing levy as ruled by the court, however attracted amendments from both sides of the political divide.

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The amendments include the provision to regularize the already collected housing levy and provision to allow voluntary contributions, creation of an independent body to be mandated in administration of the levy.

Others include the sharing of the levy by various implementers of the program including County governments and the National Housing Corporation.

The Proposal to have the levy deducted from the net or basic salary was opposed.

However, a section of opposition MPS stormed out of the chambers and promised to seek legal redress over the new law.

The bill is expected to be transmitted to the senate to seek concurrence before the president signs it into law

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