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Mudavadi urges Kenyans to embrace peace during Christmas festivities

Kenyans have been urged to embrace peace and co-existence during this festive season because there is hope for a brighter future.

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi says it is important for the country to invest in peace, stability and remain optimistic despite the tough situations being experienced in some parts of the globe.

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Mudavadi says the current economic hardships could be attributed to arising  conflicts between some nations and races.

“We might be blaming ourselves for problems that are beyond us. We totally have no control over what was experienced between Russia and Ukraine and also the conflict in the Gaza Strip,” stated Mudavadi.

“At least 20,424 people have been killed and more than 54,000 others wounded in the Israel-Hamas war, this has led to pirates invading the Red Sea, a sign that things have gone south,” he added.

Emphasizing the need for Kenyans and the world to embrace peace and tranquility, Mudavadi says conflicts affect lives as they have a direct impact and consequence on the economy, nations stability, security and well -being of societies.

He was speaking at the Friends-Quakers Church, Vokoli annual meeting in Vihiga where he joined congregants during the Christmas Service.

“We need to reflect as a people and work closely towards investing in peace because we are now aware of where some of the problems affecting us, as a nation are emerging from. We need to get together as we pray and also work towards getting stability globally,” noted Mudavadi.

“Goods destined for the Eastern Coast of the Indian Ocean; goods that are destined for our region have to be diverted to South Africa for them to get their way to our region. Some Shipping companies have seized transporting goods since the seas and ocean waters are not safe as a result of conflicts.” added Mudavadi.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary, in his Christmas message, however assured Kenyans that there is light at the end of the tunnel and urged Kenyans to remain hopeful as the government works towards revitalizing the economy.

Mudavadi is also the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, has told Kenyans that Kenya is strategically engaging with other countries for the mutual partnership that will help change the fortunes of Kenyans.

“When we pull together and support the government policies and leadership, sooner rather than later Kenyans will be relieved from the pains of the hard-hitting economic turmoil. There is hope.” Mudavadi assured Kenyans.

The Prime CS also urged Kenyans to desist from blame games and focus into the future.

“This is our country and it is our business to make it better for ourselves and the generation to come. God bless you, God bless Kenya,” he said.

He acknowledged that many Kenyans have gone into the festive season with a lot of uncertainty but insisted that they should instead focus on what will turn-around lives for the better in the not-too-distant future.

“For our lives to turn around for the better, we must all keep our hands on deck. During this season, we must promise each other to work hard for a better tomorrow,” he said.

Present were Vihiga Women Representative Beatrice Adagala, Vihiga Member of Parliament Ernest Kagesi, Former Sabatia MP Alfred Agoi among a host of the Members of County Assembly and other notable local leaders.

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