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New Judiciary Chief Registrar Winfridah Mokaya assumes office

Chief Justice (CJ) Martha Koome Monday presided over the swearing-in of Winfridah Mokaya as the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary at the Supreme Court in Nairobi.

Speaking during the occasion, Koome observed that the transition provides an opportunity for reflection about where the Judiciary is coming from and where it aims to go. She also urged Mokaya to be a champion of institutional innovation and revitalization, steering the judiciary towards remaining fit for purpose and effective in a changing environment.

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The CJ noted that the office of Chief Registrar of the Judiciary is designed to be the chief administrator and accounting officer in the Judiciary, adding that the total implications of the roles bestowed on Mokaya are that she is expected to play a significant role in ensuring that the administrative and operational dynamics move seamlessly to provide an enabling and supportive environment for the judicial wing to perform its function in a conducive environment that guarantees high standards of service delivery.

“The essence of success in the new role lies in preserving the exemplary practices of the past while striving for continuous improvement in our administrative processes and responsiveness to the citizens we serve,” stated Koome.

She maintained that the Judiciary is ready to support and looks forward to collaborative efforts in pursuit of the shared vision which has been outlined in the institutional blueprint ‘Social Transformation through Access to Justice (STAJ).

Koome observed that Mokaya assumes office at a time when the judiciary has embraced the spirit of shared leadership under STAJ, and in the quest for court excellence, the judiciary has also embraced the idea of a shared responsibility to ensure excellence in the areas of assignment which contribute to the overall service delivery.

Additionally, she stressed that the Oath will require the new Chief Registrar to serve the country to the best of her abilities insisting that the responsibilities placed upon her will also guide her on the day-to -day work.

Mokaya said her vision ‘The Road Ahead’ is now clearly laid out in the STAJ’s vision that was launched in 2021 followed by the Blueprint launched in November 2023 by the CJ and advocates for a people-centred approach in the administration of justice.

She termed them giants of the judiciary upon which they stand to make a commitment to serve the institution and the people of Kenya.

Further, the new Chief Registrar highlighted that she will start her role by cascading the blueprint to cultivate deeper understanding and ownership of the vision and blueprint across the judiciary, push for law reforms to address the emerging gaps in the administration of the Judiciary Fund, engage with stakeholders on the funding of access to justice as a public good, enhance resource and asset management, streamline policy to results cycle and re-image institutional administrative model to better align with the ideals of shared leadership and constitutional value of decentralization.

Further, Mokaya reiterated her commitment to pursue 100 per cent funding by the government for access to justice, to mirror support provided to the security sector, emphasizing that the funding the Judiciary is seeking is reasonable, and should be administered as a public good.

She at the same time said that the office will embrace a clear, deliberate and robust open- door policy in engaging with internal and external stakeholders including the Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association, Kenya Judges Welfare Association, Kenya Judiciary Staff Association and the Kenya Chapter of the International Association of the Women Judges.

“I look forward to your support in ensuring that we live the ideals of the Constitution in the discharge of the Judiciary’s mandate to the Kenyan people,” she expressed.

Mokaya, who joined the Judiciary 27 years ago as a District Magistrate will serve as the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary for a period of five years.


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