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No Kenyan shilling shall be lost through corruption, Ruto vows

President William Ruto has assured that all taxes collected by the state shall be put to their intended use and no single shilling shall be lost to embezzlement or corruption.

Speaking during the 60th Jamhuri Day celebrations on Tuesday, the President called on the Judiciary and anti-corruption agencies to discharge their mandate “without fear, favour, ill-will or prejudice.”

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“I also give my personal undertaking to support the prosecution of all those involved in corruption, without regard to their social, economic or political status or connections, ethnicity or any other consideration whatsoever,” said Ruto.

“This is the minimum that is expected of us in fulfilment of our constitutional mandate, and Kenyans deserve no less,” he added

At the same time, the President said enhanced resources have been allocated to the Judiciary to promote its independence adding that the country will continue to be guided by the rule of law.

Additionally, Ruto noted that Parliament is now more independent with its own calendar and budget which has enhanced its decision making capabilities without influence from political parties.

The President further called upon civil servants to discharge their duties with transparency and accountability.

“Much has been given you by the people of Kenya and, therefore, much more is expected of you. On behalf of the people, I shall therefore hold you to the highest standards of efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability in serving our nation,” said Ruto.

The 60th Jamhuri Day celebrations were held at Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi under the theme “Youth, Creative, and Sports”.

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