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Ole Sapit urges state to punish perpetrators of femicide


Anglican Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has called for an intensive probe into growing cases of femicide in the country.

Speaking in the wake of a shocking incident that saw the killing of two ladies in separate incidents in Nairobi, the Archbishop said it is time to tame the horrific incidents.

Ole Sapit further called for the arrest of the culprits saying they should be charged for the heinous acts. He wants the state to establish whether there is truth is claims that some of the perpetrators of the horrific murders trade the human body parts.

“Unless we nip it from where it is encouraged, we may be just addressing symptoms of something more serious and more heinous. We may not know even what happened in Shakahola if it was related to human sacrifices or selling of human bodies because getting to kill people in masses in those large numbers is unacceptable in our society,” he said.

He also challenged women and girls to be cautious and watch out for persons out to lure them into immoral acts, which sometimes end in agony.

“We want to urge our girls to protect themselves, to know who they are talking to and what they are invited to do.  Say no to anything that is going to jeopardize not only your life but your faith,” he said

“Let us be protectors of each other and communities to be vigilant. If there are areas that are known and prone to some of these practices, the government should follow it up, investigate, and know the movement of these people who are doing these atrocities and for those who are apprehended, we call for tough measures that they will never return to society and mingle with our children,” he said.

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