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Premier Bank encourages savings for Hajj

Premier Bank Kenya has embarked on a strategy that will enable its Muslim customer base save for Hajj pilgrimage.

Chief Executive Officer Osman Duale said through the bank’s Labyekk Account, customers seeking to make the holy pilgrimage will be able to lock in savings to cater for the costly expenses associated with religious activity.

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“We understand the importance of fulfilling Hajj in one’s lifetime, we also understand the financial sacrifice that comes with it. As Premier bank, we have a product. specifically for your Hajj savings; the Labyekk Account,” said Duale.

The annual Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia attracts millions of Muslims from across the globe costing an average Ksh 500,000 per person.

The savings account is meant to ease financial burden of those attending through prior planning.

“It helps to ease every Muslim’s journey financially by allowing you to save and earn profit while preparing for the holy pilgrimage,” added Duale during the “We Are One – Iftar Fun Walk” in partnership with Zakat Kenya.

During the walk held Sunday, Premier Bank offered a cashback of Ksh 5,000 to the first 10 people who opened the Labyekk to kick off their Hajj saving journey.

“As a show of support for the cause 90% of Premier Bank Kenya staff members across our Nairobi branches participated in the walk. The bank is keen on ensuring that its employees adapt a healthy lifestyle by keeping fit and raising funds to support a needy family while at it,” added Marolyne Adalla, Premier Bank Kenya, Marketing and Communications Lead.

The walk targets to feed 5,000 needy muslim families during the holy month of Ramadan.

“The foods distributed will enable families to enjoy nutritious meals thanks to your
commitment to walk today, may Allah bless all of your contributions,” noted Zakat Kenya, Vice Chairman, Abdi Shakur Mohammed.

The bank targets to intensify its annual engagements and partnerships centered around financial wellness and literacy focusing on women and youth in line with its mission to provide progressive, ethical, banking solutions, while making sustainable economic contributions in communities it serves.

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