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Qatar Airways unveils ambitious plans for Africa in 2023

Qatar Airways VP– Africa Hendrik Du Preez.

Qatar Airways is setting its sights on further expanding its presence and operations in Africa in 2023.

With a robust recovery plan in place, the airline aims to capitalize on the continent’s potential for growth and become a leading carrier in the region. Through strategic partnerships, increased flight frequencies, and a commitment to quality service, Qatar Airways is positioning itself for success while fostering trade, commerce, and tourism across Africa.

Qatar Airways is committed to strengthening its connectivity across Africa, recognizing the continent’s immense potential for growth. By leveraging its extensive network and unrivalled knowledge of global passenger flows, the airline plans to expand its operations to key markets and sectors in Africa. Notably, Nigeria has emerged as Qatar Airways’ most connected market in Africa, leading to the launch of new services to Kano and Port Harcourt, in addition to existing flights to Lagos and Abuja.

Strategic partnerships play a vital role in Qatar Airways’ plans for Africa. The airline recently announced a comprehensive codeshare agreement with Airlink, a South African carrier, offering travellers enhanced services and improved connectivity between 45 destinations in 13 countries across the region.

Additionally, Qatar Airways and RwandAir signed a comprehensive codeshare agreement, granting the Rwandan carrier access to Qatar Airways’ extensive network across Africa and the rest of the world. Plans to launch cargo flights to Kigali further reinforce Qatar Airways’ commitment to bolstering intra-Africa routes.

Qatar Airways recognizes the significant role it can play in boosting trade and commerce within Africa. By increasing its flight frequencies and expanding its network to over 150 destinations worldwide, the airline aims to improve connectivity and provide travellers with more choice and convenience. These efforts will not only enhance travel experiences but also act as catalysts for increased economic activity, facilitating the movement of goods, medicines, and essential travel between Africa and the rest of the world.

To maintain its competitive edge in the region, Qatar Airways remains dedicated to continually improving its services. Celebrating its first anniversary in Kano and Port Harcourt, Nigeria, the airline acknowledges the support it has received from Africans and aims to enhance each service provided to its clients. The company is committed to listening to customer feedback and tailoring its services to meet their needs effectively.

Looking ahead, Qatar Airways is poised to capitalize on the promising future of the airline industry as it gradually recovers from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The International Air Transport Association predicts a return to profitability for the global airline industry in 2023, with the Middle East airlines, including Qatar Airways, expected to see passenger demand rise by 23.4%. Qatar Airways’ expansion plans in Africa align perfectly with these projections, positioning the airline to tap into the continent’s growth potential and drive profitability.

As Qatar Airways embarks on its ambitious plans for Africa in 2023, the airline is set to make significant strides in expanding its reach, enhancing partnerships, and driving trade and commerce across the continent. With its unwavering commitment to quality service, coupled with strategic initiatives and a keen focus on customer satisfaction, Qatar Airways aims to solidify its position as a leading global carrier connecting Africa.

By strengthening its operations and network in Africa, Qatar Airways aims to contribute to the growth and development of the region while providing travellers with seamless, world-class experiences.

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