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Social workers push for recognition and Government support to transform communities

Social Workers Social Workers in Kakamega have urged the government to recognize the profession and provide the necessary support in order for them to transform communities they work in.

Speaking during the commemoration of International Social Workers Day 2024, social workers said they work in communities through Civil Society Organizations(CSOs) and Community Based Organizations(CBOs).

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The Founder of Matungu Rural Poverty Alleviation(MARPA) Fredrick Omollo noted that Social workers understand the perspective of all development cycles in the country and utilize that knowledge to push for development in communities.

“Social work as a profession just like any other has its own code of ethics, it has professional code of ethics and we work within those ethics because our communities are very sensitive if we don’t have those ethics you will find that you cannot get into mobilizing the community and gearing it towards the agenda that you want,” he added.

An Activist Christabel Ilolo urged the government to support the activities of social workers by providing funds to them and even a kitty.

She noted that social workers perform a lot of duties in the community as they are the ones who connect community members to available resources, reducing illiteracy levels and fighting poverty.

She said social workers easily disseminate information about anything and simplify for community members to use and improve their lives as the majority of communities receive information late and may be reluctant to act on them.

“I want the government to support social workers to perform their duties since the main challenge they face is lack of money and without money they cannot reach many people and many places in providing services,” she added.

The Branch Secretary for Kenya Association of Social Workers in Kakamega Gerry Mwanzi said they are keen to ensure that social workers in the county and Western Region adopt new innovative approaches on how they are going to work with the communities in order to have an impact in their lives.

The National Organizing secretary for the Kenya Association of Social Workers Simeon Muhati Mukoshi asked Members of Parliament in the National Assembly to expedite passing The Institute of Social Work Professionals Bill, 2023.

Muhati who doubles up as the Chairman of Social Workers in Western Region noted that the Bill once enacted into law will help to streamline the sector and help many youths who have entered into the social work profession.

He also urged the government to utilize the expertise of social workers to provide psychosocial support in institutions of learning like primary and secondary schools to minimize unrest and also absorb some in government.

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