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Survey: 55pc of adolescents suffer mental health related issues

55pc of adolescents in Kenya suffer from mental health-related conditions, according to the Kenya Adolescent Health Survey.

Informed by these statistics the Ministry of Health through the Division of Adolescent and School Health launched a community handbook to equip parents with skills to better handle their adolescents.


Adolescents in Kenya who constitute 24pc of the country’s population still suffer a myriad of challenges including Mental health disorders, anxiety, substance abuse, and sexual and verbal abuse.

The first-ever Kenya Adolescent Health Survey indicates that there is still need for continuous stakeholder engagement to tackle the array of issues the youth face.

In addition to launching the 1st Kenya adolescent health survey and community handbook, the Ministry of Health through the division of adolescent and school health also recommends a review of the adolescent health policy.

Adolescents aged between 10-19 from 44 counties were surveyed.

The community handbook will equip adolescents with among others skills to achieve life goals and knowledge to deal with peer pressure.

Parents will have more insights on how to better handle adolescents.

Reporting by Doreen Arange

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