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Google opens application for its 2024 Accelerator Program

African startups leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop solution that address problems facing the continent stand a chance to access support through...

Boost for mTek’s expansion plans with Ksh 167M funding

Kenya's digital insurance firm, mTek, has secured Ksh 167.5 million ($1.25m) funding to support its regional expansion plans. mTek Chief Executive Officer Bente Krogmann said...

Startups urged to change fundraising tact to stay afloat

Kenyan startups have been challenge to realign their fundraising strategies with the needs of investors amid slowdown in venture capital flowing to the continent. During...

World Bank commits to support SMEs, startups growth

The World Bank has partnered with the government to offer business support and investor linkages to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and local startups. Through...

29 African healthcare startups to address supply chain gaps

Twenty-nine African startups have secured a total of Ksh 221.9 million ($1.45m) to enable them scale their solutions which address healthcare supply chain gaps...

Why startups in emerging markets need mergers and acquisitions

In June this year, my company Asaak did something unusual for an African tech startup. We acquired FlexClub Mexico, a company that offers car...

Twelve startups secure Ksh 183M to scale edtech solutions

Twelve local education technology startups have secured Ksh 15.3 million each to fine-tune their solutions and scale them to improve learning outcomes in Kenya. Through...

Forty African business leaders awarded by Stanford

Eighteen Kenyans are among forty African business leaders who have been awarded by Stanford Graduate School of Business for the completion of an intense...

Why debt financing is so important for the African business market

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the beating heart of Africa’s economies. According to the World Economic Forum, as engines of growth, SMEs are...

WOK awards to honour entrepreneurship trailblazers

The inaugural edition of the WOK (Who Owns Kenya) Awards 2023 will be held in December. The awards aim to recognize exceptional achievements from businesses...


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