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Political Parties’ Liaison Committee calls for national dialogue

The Political Parties’ Liaison Committee is calling for a national dialogue to end the current political impasse between the government and opposition leaders.

The committee is warning the grandstanding is recipe for anarchy if unchecked.

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Led by the National Chairman Evans Misati, the committee has urged the National Police Service to exercise restraint while handling protestors.

The calls to exercise restraint comes even as the Raila Odinga-led Azimio la Umoja coalition said the anti-government demonstrations will go on for three days next week.

In a statement, Azimio la Umoja said due to requests from all sectors, the peaceful protests will be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday, Raila said the demos will be held whether the government issues a permit or not.

“We will have countrywide protests next week on Wednesday whether the government likes it or not,” Raila said.

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki however on his part warned against the Azimio-led demonstrations that are scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.

Speaking during a Church Service at St Mary’s Catholic Church Kaanwa in Tharaka Nithi County, Kindiki said he will not allow any attempts to disrupt public order and endanger lives by people hiding under the constitution.

“We have people who are hiding behind the constitution especially on human rights, claiming that they have freedom to demonstrate, to destroy other people’s property, and blocking roads.

I want to say that we will smoke them out from where they are hiding under the constitution to commit crimes,” said Kindiki.

The CS added that based on his training, he has more understanding of the Kenyan constitution than any of the organizers of the demos and that he will be the last one to break it.

“What we have is some criminals citing some parts of the constitution while ignoring others. The same constitution that allows you to protest, is the same one that allows Kenyans the right to own property and have their lives protected,” the CS said.

He noted that the move to deal with illegal demonstrations was not in any way stifling democracy, freedom of speech or political freedoms in the country.

“We have not banned political meetings in any way but what we are saying is that they should be conducted as per the constitution of Kenya,” said Kindiki.

During last Wednesday’s demonstrations, Kindiki added, many people were inconvenienced, shops were looted, people were harassed and others stabbed with knives in the pretext of the freedom of association and assembly but what happened that day will not happen again.


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