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State eyes Ksh 2B daily collection from e-Citizen


The government is targeting to increase e-Citizen enrollment across the country in a bid to ensure smooth transition to digital identity cards and realize daily collection of Ksh 2 billion in service fees.

Immigration and Citizen Services Principal Secretary Prof Julius Bitok says the government is undertaking enrollment of all Kenyans having transferred 16,750 services to the platform which is currently accessible to 13 million account holders.

“On average we are enrolling about 30,000 people every day on E-citizen and now we are at 13 million and we are looking at the entire adult population of Kenya which is 32 million. Within another one year to two, we should have everybody having digital identity,” said Prof Bitok.

Speaking during the Network of African Data Protection Authorities (NADPA) conference held in Narobi, Bitok said with additional enrollment on the platform, the government would be able to double current collection of Ksh 700 million.

“Kenyans are continually using these services. Our plan in the short term is to ensure that we are collecting Ksh 2 billion per day and we are making progress because if you look at where we are coming from, we started with Ksh 50 million, now we are at Ksh 700 million and in the short term we should be able to get to Ksh 2 billion,” he stated.

This comes as state targets issue digital identification cards to all persons in a bid to enhance service delivery across the country.

The government plans to issue Maisha number for newborns to be used all their lives, Maisha Card which is a smart ID and the virtual version, Maisha Digital ID which will be used through the phone when seeking various services.

Additionally, Maisha integrated database which is connected to e-citizen and will allow interoperability among state agencies.
While state plans for the roll out of Maisha Namba, integrity of personal data has come into question with fears over data misuse.

“In as far as the issue around Maisha Namba is concerned, as an office we have offered an advisory and I can confirm that we have received the data protection impact assessment from the Ministry of Interior. We have also offered training and in addition to that we continue to do an audit,” assured Immaculate Kassait, Data Commissioner.

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