About this 2022 Election Website

This Elections website has been developed by Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) in an endeavor to inform and educate the public about the different elective positions in the upcoming General elections and at the same time, provide a platform where different aspirants can present themselves to the electorates and showcase, why they should be  elected in the upcoming General elections slated for August 2022.


The platform will cover candidates for all the elective positions, from President, Governor, Senator, Women Representatives, M.P and MCA in all the counties, Constituencies and Wards across Kenya.


The platform provides unprecedented opportunity for the public to vet and vote for candidates, with a deeper information about them.


As they say, you deserve the leaders you elect. Here is a chance to elect, what you deserve.


A first from Kenya Broadcasting Corporation – Your National Broadcaster


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Election 2022 Message Brought to you by: ...

Election 2022 Message Brought to you by: