Unseen Nairobi will host the screening of the African Arthouse film Augure (Omen) until the end of January.

The film will screen on January 23 and from  26 to 30.

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The screening is part of this year’s Quartiers Lointains 7th edition which seeks out emerging film talents based in France and Africa to further show and distribute their work to the rest of the world. This year’s ambassador is screenwriter and director Alice Diop. 

Directed by Baloji, Augure follows the main character, Koffie’s, return to his birthplace after he has been ostracized by his family.

 It explores the weight of beliefs in one’s destiny, through four characters accused of being witches and sorcerers, all of them intertwined and guiding each other into the phantasmagoria of Africa.

Discussing the main message of the movie Baloji said, “It’s a movie that talks about patriarchy through sorceresses and witches. 

Koffie has a winestain [birthmark] on his cheek that condemns him as a sorcerer, and his mother is considered as a witch for different reasons. In many countries in central Africa, poverty is blamed on a child bringing a curse on the family.

 It’s the Hansel and Gretel metaphor.”

The film has received several accolades including a  Special Mention at the Tübingen Francophone Festival 2023, Prix de la Nouvelle Voix at Un certain regard at Cannes 2023, New Voice Award – Festival de Cannes 2023 and more.

Tickets can be purchased from the Unseen website.


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