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B2B E-commerce platform launched to enhance Intra-Africa Trade


B2B E-commerce Platform has
officially been launched by Zandaux marking a new era of African Trade .

The ground breaking ceremony which took place in Nairobi Kenya, aims at fostering intra-trade in Africa.

The launch showcased the platform’s innovative features, industry expertise and its commitment to revolutionizing trade across the continent and unveiled its transformative approach to African business.

Zandaux is set to reshape the landscape of African trade by providing a seamless One Stop trading platform for businesses to connect, collaborate, and thrive across the continent.

The Zandaux team believes in using a holistic approach to become the world’s most inclusive B2B sourcing platform that caters to enterprises of all sizes.

Zandaux aims to empower African SMEs by harnessing the power of the internet and using cutting-edge technologies to enable business from all over the continent to connect via online platform, they also target to close the gap of suppliers conducting businesses via online, given that only 13 percent of Africa is connected to stable Internet coverage .

Zandaux offers African suppliers an unparalleled opportunity to operate within the entire African market.

The platform’s innovative features and commitment to sustainability and inclusivity position it as a catalyst for economic growth and prosperity across Africa.

The company ensures there’s safety when transacting businesses online as the bank holds payment of goods until the customer receives their products.

On the issues of data privacy and cyber security, Zandaux has put safety measures in place to ensure it doesn’t infringe on its users privacy.

Addressing the issues of logistics and ensuring efficiency, Zanduax Chief Technology Officer, Dennis Reumer noted that the platform aims at creating demand and ease issues of transport by incorporating technology so that business partners no longer worry about access to comodoties.

Speaking during the launch of B2B e- commerce ,The Director of Postal and Telecom services , Communication Authority of Kenya, Matano Ndaro, expressed his optimism, stating, “The future of B2C e-commerce is bright on the continent.

He further encouraged Zandaux to continue this dream.

The Association of Kenya Suppliers Chief Executive Officer,Ishmail Bett, also welcomed Zandaux in the Kenyan market and promised its good will in supporting the company, as this platform will provide an opportunity for manufactures and suppliers from the country to access larger markets across the continent and gain profits, unlike in previous years where suppliers suffered great losses after closure of giant retail stores in the country.

According to the Zandaux Founder and CEO, Franck Obambi Ngatse,he foresees the growth and expansion Zandaux’s announcing imminent launches in three pivotal African markets in Nigeria ( Lagos), South Africa (Johannesburg), and Egypt (Cairo), scheduled for completion by the end of February.

Mr.Ngatse emphasized the vast market potential within Zandaux, stating that 90 percent of manufacturers produce for supermarkets, but the market in Zandaux is more than 100 times that of supermarkets.

Assuring manufacturers that any product that has a market in Kenya will have a market in the entire African continent,highlighting a common challenge faced by sellers on other platforms.

Ngatse also revealed that most of the sellers reported that their goods are sometimes sold at prices up to 45% higher on other platforms.”Moreover, the CEO outlined Zandaux’s commitment to transparency and buyer protection, stating, “On Zandaux, you can buy something from a factory in Mombasa and have it shipped to Kinshasa.

The payment is only released to the seller after the product has arrived, and we have a robust tracking system in place for products from seller to buyer”.

This distinctive approach will empower businesses across Africa and foster a seamless and secure trading environment and will be used as a formula to end poverty in Africa.

Zanduax aims to bring onboard at least 70 percent of the Kenyan manufacturers online by the end of this year.

Zanduax CEO Ngatse has called upon Governments, to drop barriers and do away with bottlenecks in intra Africa trade to ensure there’s an increased transaction of business and smooth operations in the e-commerce sector.

Zandaux will serve the entire continent from Kenya, Egypt, South Africa and Nigeria.