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CJ Koome warns against attacks on Judiciary


Chief Justice Martha Koome has maintained that the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) is committed to maintain the independence of the Judiciary.

Speaking during a press briefing, the Chief Justice said she is ready to receive Deputy President Rigathi Gachagus’s petition on corrupt of a Judicial officer he named on Sunday.

The President of the Supreme Court of Kenya further said she has requested for an appointment with President to dialogue following the recent frequent attacks on Judiciary from the executive arm of the government.

CJ Koome spoke Monday evening where she and Attorney General Justin Muturi led ten officers from the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) on their opening statement for the year 2024.

Underscoring the corruption menace in the country, Koome called for tangible evidence on corrupt judicial officers instead of blanket condemnation.

She warned that the continuous threats on the judiciary will set a precedence of a constitutional crisis of the executive.

“It is regrettable that the leadership of the Executive and legislature in their recent public declarations have threatened not to obey Court orders. These threats and declarations are extremely serious and a monumental assault to the Constitution, rule of law and the very stability of the nation and can lead to chaos and anarchy in our motherland.” warned Koome.

The Chief Justice noted that in the year 2023, the Commission received 72 petitions /complaints against judges.

Out of the 72 petitions, 13 were dismissed since they were touching on the merits of
decisions which should be redressed by way of appeal or review and therefore outside the jurisdiction of the Commission.

She said six judges were asked to respond to the petitions out of which, four petitions were admitted for hearing. 49 are undergoing preliminary evaluation by the

Further CJ Koome explained that three judges left the Judiciary in 2023, one judge opted to exit the service through early retirement while two were subjected to the tribunal process established by the constitution and have since been removed from the judicial service.