Duo powerhouse Buruklyn Boyz has released its latest EP- Bboyz Settingz as a New Year gift to their fans. 

The EP reflects their lifestyle- hip hop culture that incorporates Sheng artistry (Kenyan urban slang) fashion and style, their love for bike riding, lyricism and lyrical prowess. 

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This is the duo’s first EP and project after their debut album East Mpaka London which was released in 2022. 

The new project was released under Five8 Records which is a collective that expresses their art in music, fashion and the daily “BBOY” lifestyle. 

Bboyz Settingz is a carefully curated collection of 7 tracks which showcase a rich tapestry of their artistic evolution, seamlessly blending various genres while maintaining a distinct signature sound. 

The EP features collaborations from younglouie58 and Buruklyn G from five8 Records.

The EP artwork is creatively designed and depicted in partnership with Buruklyn Boyz and Quincysza, an editor who has worked with the group previously.

The album artwork features the background of buildings in Nairobi and London, a depiction of where the boys come from and where they want to be in future. 

The duo spent almost one year making the project, displaying an immense work ethic that mirrors their artistry and journey in the music industry.

Speaking about the new project, Philip Koth, the A7R for the duo said, “Get ready for a wave of fresh visuals, music, and style throughout 2024. We’re changing the game and shifting away from the usual music norms, that’s the BBOY setting- it’s our season.” 

The EP is available on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, BoomPlay, Youtube Music, Apple Music & all other digital streaming platforms. 

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