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CS Mutua criticizes opposition to Finance Bill, calls for patience, lawfulness

Tourism Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua

Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife Dr. Alfred Mutua has expressed disappointment with those opposed to the Finance Bill, describing their actions as ill-informed and unnecessary.

Speaking in Narok during the launch of the 2024 wildlife census, Dr. Mutua emphasized that the bill had undergone the due legislative process, with all contentious clauses amended following public input.

“The Finance Bill has been reviewed thoroughly, and all demands from stakeholders have been addressed. Taking to the streets is uncalled for since these demands have been met,” stated Dr. Mutua.

He stressed the need for Kenyans to accept the reality of the country’s economic challenges, which necessitate difficult but essential decisions, including taxation.

Acknowledging that taxes are unpopular, Dr. Mutua underscored their necessity for funding government services. He urged Kenyans to be patient as the government works to stabilize the economy.

Dr. Mutua also expressed concern over the growing disrespect for law enforcement officers, highlighting the case of a senior police officer who lost both arms during recent demonstrations in Nairobi. “These are the very people demonstrators turn to in times of distress,” he lamented.

In a gesture of support, Dr. Mutua announced that he, along with Narok Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu, would donate one million shillings to the injured officer’s family to cover medical expenses and other needs.

While affirming the right of Kenyans to protest, Dr. Mutua cautioned against demonstrations driven by mere activism and propaganda. He called for responsible and informed civic engagement, emphasizing that the country’s progress depends on lawful and constructive actions.