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EPRA develops electricity regulations to enhance safety

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The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has developed guidelines that will prioritise safety among independent energy companies, personnel and electricity consumers.

The Energy (Electricity Incident and Accident Reporting) Regulations, 2024 also establish a structured framework for incident and accident reporting by defining clear guidelines for reporting them, establishing timelines for notification and submission of reports, requiring licensees to have insurance coverage for liability claims, and outlining fines for non-compliance.

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“As we continue to see growth in the number of connections to the grid and investments in the electricity sector, these regulations provide an anticipatory approach to safety for everyone involved. In fulfilment of our mandate to ensure safety and quality in the energy sector, they(licencees) will promote the health and safety of electrical workers and consumers while also promoting accountability when incidents or accidents cause harm to people, animals, property or the environment,” said Kiptoo Bargoria, EPRA Director General during a validation workshop in Nairobi.

The draft regulations require EPRA to set up an online system that makes it easier for licensees through their designated Responsible Person and members of the public to report incidents or accidents as guided by the framework.

In case of an incident, a Responsible Person should constitute a competent team that shall carry out an investigation and submit a report to the Authority within thirty days from the date of its occurrence.

This comes after the development of separate regulations that will allow private sector investors to participate in generation, exportation, importation, transmission, distribution and retail supply of electricity.

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